Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Nasionalis-cum-Nahdliyin: a new identity of nominal Javanese Muslims


This article discusses contemporary developments in Islam in Indonesia by specifically looking at Muslims living in rural Java. Whereas most studies examine urban Muslims and mostly define Islamization that leads to the emergence of the middle class and the so-called “conservative turn,” this article offers a brief discussion of the transformation of non-practicing Muslims or abangan. Through fieldwork in a remote village in Tulungagung, East Java, the article argues that the massive Islamization in contemporary Java has invited the abangan to construct their new identity of Nasionalis-cum-Nahdliyin. While the term “Nasionalis” refers to a modern ideological category, “Nahdliyin” represents a mode of religiosity that confirms local customs and traditions. Looking at their communal ceremonies, such as yasinan-tahlilan, this new identity has given the abangan a means to maintain their communal bond with their ancestral spirits on the one hand and community cohesion on the other. These communal activities are an amalgam of santri and abangan traditions with which the latter exercises their communal piety in the public space.


Keywords Abangan · Javanese Islam · Nahdliyin · Nasionalis · Nominal Muslim ·


Contemporary Islam

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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Creating the Ideal Community as a Root of Fethullah Gulen's View on Gender Equality

This article discusses the roots of Gulen's view on gender equality and its roles within the movement, which constitutes an example of an Islamic movement that can adapt in the contemporary era and becomes progressive Islam. Conversely, Gulen’s view on gender belongs to the conservative movement. By employing functionalism, this article tries to seek and delve into the theme. It further argues that the movements' mission to create “the ideal community” is the driving ideology on gender relations. Examining some important scholarly findings on the movement and works by its founder Fethullah Gulen, the women’s position is unequally subordinated to that of men, as their initial functions to obey their husbands and to maintain family’s honor. Importantly, their role is limited to educate their children to deliver "the next golden generation”. Thus, it is reasonably true that Gulen’s view on women’s rights and gender relations is envisioned along with the movement's mission to transform the society towards the ideal community that in turn sacrifices women’s freedom and liberty.

Keywords: Fethullah Gulen; Gulen Movement; feminism; gender equality

1.  https://jurnal.iainponorogo.ac.id/index.php/tahrir/article/view/1688/1157

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Kontroversi Dakwah Fethullah Gulen: Golden Generation dan Infiltrasi ke dalam Lembaga Negara

This article examines the source of Fethullah Gulen's controversy in his da’wah, that is golden generation and their infiltration into state institutions. Golden generation is the main goal of Gulen's mission. He creates golden generations through his educational activities. He founded schools, dormitories and isik evler. After undergoing training, golden generations are urged to pursue their further education in top universities. Afterwards, they are encouraged to pursue careers in any state institutions. Facts have it, Gulen succeeded in placing the golden generation in all state institutions, including the police, prosecutors, judiciary and military institutions. They reach some high posts in the state institution. This very way is Gulen’s method to ‘Islamize the persons of the state institutions’ rather than to ‘Islamize the institution’. Later on this very method and bringing the golden generation into the state institutions give birth to a controversy that culminated in the 2016 Turkish coup. This article concludes that the coup is originated from Gulen's concept of the golden generation and his encouragement for the golden generations to take into state institutions and carry out 'Islamization' from within the institution.

Keywords: Gulen Movement, Gulen's dakwa, Gulen's controversy, golden generation, infiltration

1. Kontroversi Dakwah Fethullah Gulen: Golden Generation dan Infiltrasi ke dalam Lembaga Negara
2. https://ejournal.unida.gontor.ac.id/index.php/tsaqafah/article/view/2885/1972